08 October 2014

Sorry, no joke here

The title is my way of apologising for not updating the blog since July.  I have a list of excuses but the main one being I was off having a baby...good excuse I reckon!

Anyway back to why we are here.  I've unfortunately missed the past two meetings but can tell you that 12 Years a Slave had a luke warm reception and generally the group thought it was ok but were surprised by the hype around both the book and the film.  I'd love to hear from anyone as to wether the book or the film was better. Both the book and DVD are available fromn the library and you can also download the ebook version from the Wales ebook service for free here.

The second book discussed was The Catcher in the Rye which was a re-read for some group members.  This was our choice of a classic for this year and the views quite polarised between those who liked the book and those who did not. It's always worthwhile to have something we don't all agree on, makes it a more interesting and lively session.

A big welcome to Ann - Marie who has joined the group. *waves

After discussion, we decided to reschedule November's meeting from the 5th to the 12th, due to it being Bonfire Night, with all the commitments people will have towards children and care of animals.

To recap what is intended for that meeting:
Each to bring a list of 5 books or a combination of books and significant authors which you feel have importance for you; could be ones you come back to repeatedly or stand out for you for any reason (if there is one particular book or author you really dislike, do include!).
Fiction, non - fiction, poetry, children's books -------any genre you like.
Everyone will be asked to briefly describe the item and give reasons for the choice; we want to make sure everyone has opportunity to contribute at least one from their list.
It might be as well to bring paper and pen; someone else's title or author might spark your interest!
Until next time, happy reading :)

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