08 April 2013

When the spinning disc toy was created, it was a top secret

*I apologise for today's blog title*

Sadly I had to miss the last Reading Group meeting (blooming wisdom teeth grumble grumble) however I have been reliably informed that it was another lively meeting with a lot of discussion around the book "The Secret Keeper" by Kate Morton.

The general feeling was that it was a bit weak in the middle and could have been a shorter story.  Although I wonder if this was influenced by it being similar to the previous read ("A Time for Silence") in terms of structure; covering three different time scales.  Several members found it too wordy and a bit drawn out. 

If you've read it we would love to hear your thoughts, either post a comment below or in our Facebook group or by tweeting using #builthbooks
Our next read is Jasper Fforde - "The Big Over Easy"...

Image from www.diesel-ebooks.com
Image from www.kobobooks.com
As you can see I have found two covers for this book, would love to hear your thoughts about which cover suits the story best.

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