07 March 2013

A Time for Silence...just not at our meetings!

I have to admit that I went to last nights meeting peeking through my fingers at the rest of the group as I loved this book and was so scared the rest of the group didn't feel the same way...but I was wrong, we all loved it. So much so that Jan has fired off an email to the publishers Honno (an independent co-operative run by women for female writers in Wales) to praise Thorne Moore for her first novel.  We enjoyed the narration style, the writing and description of the setting and had almost all of us Googling for further information!

A short synopsis of the book from the Honno website:

Then – 1933: Gwen is a dutiful wife. But as the years pass, on their desperately poor smallholding, her duty to her husband John will have a terrible price for herself and her children. Something that cannot be spoken of.

Now – When Sarah finds her grandparents' ruined farmhouse, she becomes obsessed with restoring it and turning it back into a home. Adrift after a personal tragedy, she needs something to believe in. She starts digging into her family history and is appalled to learn her grandfather was shot. Can she find justice for John? Is justice what she first thinks?

More about Thorne Moore can be found on her website here.

The only problem we had was at the end, but then you're just going to have to read it to find out what we mean.

Our read for next month is The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

Image from Waterstones UK website

The next meeting for the group will be in the usual place (Builth Wells library) at 7pm on Wednesday 3rd April.

Or watch this space to find out ways you can join us online...

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