07 January 2013

New Year...new book

Happy New Year readers!  Hope you enjoyed the festivities and ready and raring for a new reading year ahead.

At the last group meeting we discussed Alice Thomas Ellis "The Inn at the Edge of the World" with some mixed reviews.  It was a re-read for one group member and wasn't as exciting as remembered.  The general feeling was that it lacked an engaging plot but the descriptive elements were fantastic.  One group member commented that it would have made a very good play and we then discussed the the film adaption of the book trying to guess which character Stephen Fry would play.  However it was a narrative on an alternative Christmas so suited the time of year perfectly.

For our next read we have Susan Hill's "The Shadows in the Street"

Susan Hill : The Shadows in the Street image from Waterstones.com

Our next meeting is Wednesday 6th February at Builth Wells library, Come join us!

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